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The red shirt comes with black 3d carbon effect graphics.

B Eagle. The Eagle of the bike. Legendary Sigil of the feared 3rd Legion MTB club who mysteriously disappeared on a late night ride in the hills surrounding Glasgow. The legend said it was a misty night at the Cathkin Braes commonwealth games MTB course. They knew the locals were restless. Reports of dark figures roaming the trails struck fear into the hearts of normal cyclists. They knew the area was dangerous but they went anyway. Fearless. Off they rode at pace that would have put mere mortals to shame. Cries of Rider were heard. then nothing. silence. Shadows. Silence. They never returned. Gone into the night. Memories already fading. All trace that was found was an empty power bar bar wrapper and a snag of cycling shirt showing the sigil of the 3rd. the B Eagle. 100% Organic Cotton. Superior quality,soft and comfortable. Want a different colour combo or size? Just email your requirements and we’ll get back to you.

100% Combed Cotton Jersey 165g. Superior quality, soft and comfortable.

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